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Hard Candy

May help with... • Chronic pain • PMS • Arthritis • Seizures • Headaches • Joint pain • Insomnia Lab-tested to 25mg a piece, hard candies are another ...

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CBD Capsules

May help with... • Chronic pain • PMS • Arthritis • Small headaches • Joint pain • Insomnia While THC, the psychotropic (euphoric) constituent of cannabis, connects ...

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Botanical Wellness Formulas

Kannakare Botanical Wellness Formulas combine cannabis extract with essential oils and herbs known from traditional folk medicine.  We have consulted ...

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KannaKare is a team of state licensed medical cannabis providers. Our Mission is to educate our patients and provide them with excellent products and a better quality of life.

Our competitive advantage in the medical marijuana market is our professionalism. In this business climate, it is important to establish an atmosphere of alternative health care with a scientific foundation for support. All of our manufactured goods are laboratory-tested and dose-controlled.

We quality control using the cannabis lab, Bud Genius. Dedicated to medical cannabis research, they have taken on the enormous task of cataloging and correlating strains with patient reports on their efficacy in treating specific maladies.

We carry over 20 varieties of plant product; THC and CBD capsules, tinctures, and topical products such as salves, creams, lip balms, and oils.

Patients have reported pain-relieving effects with the capsules, tinctures, and salves, as well as reports of reduction of skin conditions such as warts, rashes, and athlete’s foot.

With the instabilities in the Montana Legislature and the ever-changing laws toward medical cannabis, we have been able to focus on the research and development of our topical and oral products.  This has given us the upper hand on any future competition while keeping a store well stocked with quality plant material for our patients to enjoy.   We are constantly trying to improve our formulas to achieve the highest quality of treatment.

Currently Kannakare understands that to maintain a growing business we have to expand into more populated states with a more stable political climate.  We are confident that with our niche in the market and the knowledge we have on the subject, we will be a successful addition to the California Medical Marijuana scene.